Our Commitment

EMC Power Canada Ltd. (EMC) is committed to having a positive and collaborative relationship with surrounding Aboriginal Communities. We will achieve this through our ongoing honesty, commitment, and communication protocols as we understand that our primary base of operation lies within the traditional territories of particular Aboriginal Communities.

The following are objectives to which EMC will adhere by during its operations:

  • Work to establish and maintain a positive, long term relationship with local Aboriginal Communities that is centred on mutual understanding; respect; open and honest communication; and trust;

  • Develop strategies in several key areas including employment, business development, , and training;

  • Enhance our employees understanding of Aboriginal history and culture and the role Aboriginal Communities play in Canada and in our business;

  • Identify opportunities to increase our knowledge of the local environment and ways we can work together with Aboriginal Communities to preserve or enhance that environment for all to enjoy

  • Strive to develop entrepreneurship within Aboriginal Communities wherever possible to provide alternative employment initiatives for members affected by traditional barriers of working outside their community.

Our recruitment strategy to hire capable individuals for various positions in the near and extended future will have us engage with local Aboriginal Communities and/or staffing agencies to ensure proper communications for opportunities are available to all community members. EMC will proceed to contact the predefined regional support organizations with current job opportunities accompanied by an outline of the specific qualifications for each position.

This lead not only shows commitment, it also follows the philosophy of what the company’s foundation was built on through honesty, integrity, fairness, and equality.